Struggle in the warning

 The main objective of the project is to "establish a symbolic relationship of warning through a metaphorical dialogue and confrontation between jewellery and ecology".

 With marine species stripped of life by humans due to pollution and greed, the safety net of the ocean has stretched to a critical point, ready to collapse and powerless to fight.


Objects and traces of everyday life are petrified, pale things breathing death.

Rather than creating harmonious objects, I chose to use a specific 'jewellery approach' to warn, address or explore the notion of an impending ecosystem collapse. Struggling with the idea of warning permeates all five senses of the viewer.

8-IMAGE-Choying ng.jpg

 The project uses ceramic and elastic cord as the main symbolic vehicle for the medium.

 When my piece is not worn by the wearer, it resembles an installation that is more symbolic than actually wearable.

 But when the viewer goes to wear it, they can connect through the instability and stretching of the structure and feel the struggling stretching and swaying of the suspended object.

11-IMAGE-Choying ng .JPG